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Szandora LaVey Deletionpedia Page Archive: "Travellingcari deleted Szandora LaVey because A7 (bio): Real person; doesn't indicate importance/significance. This page was created 9 June 2008 and deleted 9 June 2008 (0 days). Deletionpedia is an archive of deleted Wikipedia pages. When this article about a real person was created, the writer did not include enough information to establish the the significance of the subject. (CSD A7) The reason given was real person.Szandora LaVey born (1981) - (ex)Daughter-inlaw of Diane Hegarty. The go-go dancer and hula hoop artist for 50s surf band called Thee Swank Bastards, Satanic Fetish Model, Satanic Witch. Married Stanton LaVey (06/06/06 to ??/??/07). The leading resource for the modern Satanic Witch. Run by Szandora LaVey. Official Website of Szandora. Supermodel, makeup artist, hula performer, devil girl." What does the person who deleted that Wikipedia page know anyway?